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August 12, 2012

It’s been a whopping eight months since I last checked out the blog-o-world. After doing a short stint at, then somehow resetting/forgetting/losing my password to blog, I had pretty much given up blogging.

But, today, here is sunny side Ohio the breeze is blowing and 70-degree temps have found their way to our front doors. I bought my first pot of mums for the season yesterday and the itch to again blog just hit me. So, here it goes.

Let’s start with an update:

1. Bought a house, adore it. Dumping money into it, sweating alot while working on it and in general every bum-day tee and yoga pant I own now has paint on it. Image

2. Still hanging out in grad school land…April 27, 2013 CANNOT come ANY sooner…for all you suffering and even not suffering through it, you know what I mean. (I should actually be writing a paper on JEDDs right now…) (If you don’t know what a JEDD is, don’t fret, you aren’t missing much.)

3. NEW JOB! I spend my days hanging out at a fabulous children’s musuem, fundraising to my heart’s content.. For a gal that’s never really been a big kid-person, this job ROCKS!

Uhh…that’s it. Sad? No? Yes? Probably. I promise I am more exciting than my list of three leads you to believe.

 Anyways, today I wanted to share a few before pictures of the house…we’ve been here since Friday January 13th. I am starting to think that Friday the 13ths are good luck…we’ve had so many this year, no? It’s all a work in progress and I promise I will try to get some blogs up with newer and updated pictures as we go along!

Peace for now, hotdogs!


Front of house: Day one


Day One: The bathroom needed some serious TLC. Holes in the wall=fabulous.


Day One: Living Room. Found out that there were THREE boarders in nearly each room.


Day One: Kitchen. That is all I have to say about that!!!


Day One: Master Bedroom/Loft.



Day One: Office and Spare Bedroom. Vommie carpet.


See you soon!

Crazy A!

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