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March 16, 2011

Hellllooooo! Just a quick update to keep everybody posted of a few changes we have going on around here…

Crazy Agnus is officially being ran by both my wonderful cousin and myself! WOOP! Together we offer quite a few different styles (Ashley’s style is classic white, chic, and simple clean-cut lines…while I tend to be a tad wild/funky, and a lover of many colors and patterns mashed together..considently this seems to match our personalities a bit too..ha!)

 The original idea of Crazy A was to be ran as a business by both of us, but over the past year life got in the way, aka: weddings, new houses, school, jobs…you know! However, just last week we were offered an awesome opportunity to submit a piece to be auctioned off in a local charity event. This not only gives back to the community in which we live..but it also gives us an awesome networking opportunity!

So…with all this said we are currently in the process of merging our two blogs together…and hopefully in the next two weeks we will be able to launch Crazy Agnus (uh, DOTCOM! As is .com!), hopefully a Facebook page, business cards, and some serious work will follow…

Anyways, feel free to check out our new “All About Agnus” ( ) section to get an idea of the new and improved Crazy A!

Stay tuned sunshines!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus x2!

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