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TOMMY HILFIGER Holidays 2010.

November 23, 2010

Okay, I can’t hold back any longer! I am SO excited for the upcoming holidays! I can easily fly right by Thanksgiving if I can just have Christmas, now, please???

I haven’t been an much of avid Tommy Hilfiger shopper since I was about 14 when Tommy wasn’t the super cool thing to wear to school anymore. But I can honestly say that way back in grade school I rocked quite a bit of Tommy gear! So, upon stumbling across these super cute ornaments (AND HOLIDAY MUGS!) by Tommy Hilfiger I was smitten once again with the designer.

Check these out:

I am in love with the girly colors and almost modern-chic feel that they give the holidays! What a perfect way to add a little pizazz to your tree! The designer also is carrying holiday mugs, also sold in sets of four, with the same designs! WOO HOO! I must do some Black Friday shopping and snag some of these guys, on sale, I can only hope!

Speaking of which, Thursday morning I will be flying off on a little Florida vacation to visit some family, upon returning is my lovely friends Matt & Michaela’s wedding. So, I hope to come back with many sunny pictures and a few wedding design ideas!


xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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