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A Little Pre-Grad Party Decor!

October 15, 2010

As graduation nears I am really starting to get excited! We have planned a small (which has kind of turned huge…oops…) graduation open house planned for October 31st! Woop! More on that after the event, but for a peak-sneak check out these little tags I made for my food:










A closer look…












This is what most of them will look like all set up:













I really wanted to use a typed font…but nothing seemed to be cooperating! Aka the computer ink was out. So handwritten will do, I think it makes them look more “homey and warm”. 

They were really easy to do, just a little white cardstock, an ink pen (the fancy kind, not ballpoint), ribbon, bamboo skewers, tape/glue,  and a few colorful pieces of paper! I used really soft scrapbooking paper so I could easily fold the pieces in half to cut the slits to run the fabrib through. Of course I cannot cut a straight line to save my I off-set the pieces by setting some of the crooked. The pieces that will stand up into the food are taped to skewers, all other pieces have a ribbon handle.

Thanks to EAT DRINK PRETTY for the inspiration! (Check them out here…

Have a great weekend!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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