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“His v Hers”: Another Edition of the Home Decor Wars.

October 11, 2010

Oooh, the ever famous his v hers decor wars. The Mr. Mister and I often argue over this one…see he seems to think that every woman wants to paint her house Barbie-doll hot pink complete with feather boa curtains and glitter floors. I tried to tell him that most sensible women, who, when living with a man do not want this.

Needless to say, he doesn’t listen. And thank goodness we don’t live together…otherwise I would probably make him live with feather boa curtains just to spite him for a while!

“Her” front door:

via Everything Leb

Uhmm, okay I really love this front door and stoop…(evil laugh) mwwahahaha…really, just sayin’!

“His” front door:

via unknown source

Whats with that scary blue rabbit?

“His and Her” key holders:









via unknown source

I stinkin’ love these! Too bad I would certainly “lose” my keys if I had a key hook…but these would work nicely with the Mr! But, something tells me that he will never give up his old hockey stick key holder…no, I am not lying it is a key holder made from a very old and very beat up hockey stick. I call it man decor, at least he’s creative!

“His and Hers” Bed:









via Bedhog

I have seen these before and I think they are all-too-cute! Too bad Bedhog no longer has any in stock! 😦

“His and Hers” home office:







via Apartment Therapy

These two offices play very well off of each other…the one on the left is the “his” and the right is the “hers”.

“His and Hers” towels:









via Think Geek

Ha ha, I love these! Too bad I am afraid most of my friends wouldn’t get the joke if they saw these hanging in my bathroom, all the same they are great!

“His and Hers” mugs:









via This Next

These coffee mugs are PERFECT for the Mr. Mister & I! Just last night, as I was scooping out a heap of calorie filled lime sorbet, he said, “please use a bowl, you eat everything (cereal, ice cream, soup…not EVERYTHING) out of the coffee cups and I have non left for my apple cider.” Clearly, he has been thinking this one through, oops, maybe if he did dishes more!! AH-HEM! Ha ha anyways, how cute are these cups? Darling and Hero? Makes me swoon!

How do you share your space to create “His and Her” domestic bliss?

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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