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Opposites Always Attract.

September 16, 2010

Or better said “Modern Meets Victorian”…

How could two styles, so different, meet together to form a functional yet beautifully classic room? When my friend Cory brought this question to me, (, I was intrigued! I promised him I would do a little searching and see what I could find out! After a bit of searching, I found that I am quite a fan of the Victorian style myself…who knew?!

I think of Victorian as classic, beautiful, old, girly, colorful, and sometimes cluttered:


…but that was the Victorian decor of, you guessed it, the Victorian era! Yet, somethings still remain, the many busy patterns, and heavy ornate furniture…


Modern…in a way, is simplistic, clean lines, exciting and almost space like pieces made of simple materials, yet sometimes boring. Modern, in my mind, is a product of the 90’s and 2000’s.

via Ted Yarwood

Notice the simple and neutral colors, the (hideous) clear plastic table, the very modern and interpretative picture above the fireplace.

This image is a bit more 21st century modern, with little bursts of color and many natural outdoor aspects…


Now that we have a clear idea of each style how can we piece them together? Think: ornate heavy chairs,                        re-upholstered with a simple modern patterned or solid color fabric, mini painted chandeliers, large pieces of busy patterns, lamps with modern and exciting shaped lamp shades…


Victorian style is played well into this very modern room with busy patterned pillows of many different styles and old antique photos of Victorian towns.


There’s those big chairs, notice they are re-upholstered in a solid color (probably replacing some crazyyyy pattern…), a very very modern chair sits in the corner, paired with a 90’s-esk rug, and Victorian patterned wallpaper in the background. I LOVE this photo!

**A quick solution to apartment living and the inability to wall-paper, is to buy poster sized photo frames and purchase pieces of wallpaper or even wrapping paper in the patter you wish for, fit it to the size of the frame and viola! Easy decor!


This photo really plays up the modern lamp paired with Victorian-esk wallpapers and patterns.

So, what do you think? Are you a modernist, a Victorian-ist, neither, or just a hodge podge of everything?!

Tomorrow I hope to post on Feng Shui! WOOP WOOP!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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  1. November 16, 2010 3:01 pm

    i use lamp shades with CFL ubls instead of incandescent lamps, they are much cooler and uses less electricity ,”.

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