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Week Recap: sand(washer), floor o’ pizza and crooked scarves.

August 13, 2010

TGIF! Seriously…I could not be more excited that the weekend is here..which means spending some quality time with my best friends via a bridal shower and a birthday! AND I am off work all weekend!

But I must say this has been quiteee the interesting week…let me begin with a story of sand:

Remember those milk glass vases I scored at Goodwill last week? Ya…well I thought an easy way to clean them would be to run them through the Mr. Mister’s dish washer…ha ha what a horrible idea! Even after soaking them in soapy water for half a day one of them apparently had TONS of sand in it. This sand now lives in the dish washer…needless to say the Mr. Mister was not a happy Mister at all! However. A week later after about 25 washes and doing all the dishes by hand the dishwasher is sandless! Whew!

Ummm…have I ever mentioned how clumsy I am? Not only this week did I spill a bucket of ice at work, drop a bar caddy that was just fully stocked with straws and napkins, but I also dropped a whole pizza on the floor…good times!

Last but not least I have decided to take up crocheting (knitting will come later…) I assumed that the easiest thing to first make would be a scarf. Uh, ya, about that…my scarf so far looks like a very long and crooked snake. Maybe I will just claim that to be the newest fashion in Europe…long skinny crooked scarves.

So, TGIF! Happy weekend!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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