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Wanted: Desk Chair

July 27, 2010

I have a habit of throwing things away…it’s a really bad habit to be honest, but I hate clutter. So, when I moved I decided to throw every piece of broken furniture away and then give away/garage sale away the pieces that were not broken or torn up from years of college-life wear and tear. So now, I own a whole lotta decor, oodles of dishes, and too many appliances, but nothing but a mattress and a small desk furniture wise. It’s kind of sad.

I once had an old chair from Goodwill that I painted an re-upholstered as my first ever re-upholstering gig. I didn’t know what I was doing to be honest, so it didn’t turn out that great, but it was functional so I kept it. Four years later the cushion fabric was worn and tattered, stained from my obsession with coco-butter and literally falling apart. My poor chair met the trash man the day I moved home. (I promise I am not as wasteful as I sound!!)

So now, I am in the market for a new chair…a comfy colorful chair…because trust me, hours of googilie-eyed blog reading while sitting on the floor hunched over my laptop just isn’t cutting it anymore! I would love something similar to these photos:


This is from Life in the Fun Lane…visit her blog…you will be in LOVE with her amazing rehabs! I love the simplicity of this chair and doesn’t that cushion look so comfy??? What it lacks in color it certainly makes up for in detail…but the beauty of rehabbing is you can paint/reupholster in any color you would like!

via Pecan Sandies on Flickr

Umm…hi, I want these!!! Exactly what I am talking about colorful AND comfy…but maybe I’d prefer something a little bit bigger?

via Ikea, the Skruvsta model

I’m not a huge fan of the fabric…but this chair also comes in black and white leatherish material. It certainly looks comfortable and big enough to curl up in though!

Ooo decisions, decisions! It would be much easier if I could just take a piece of each of these chairs and combine them into one!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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