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Today, I Wore My First Suit Jacket.

May 10, 2010

…I am by far not a fan of matchy-matchy clothing. It is well-known that I don’t always match, but I believe in my own little way this works for me…so you can only imagine my horror as I found myself wearing a suit jacket to my first big-girl job interview!!! (Insert excitement over the interview…not the jacket, please.)

I must say, the jacket really didn’t look all that bad. But this was only after throwing an Express blue, purple, black, white, and pink top on under it paired with some deep purple shoes, I told you, matching just isn’t for me. But, all in all the interview went really well, so I am excited to see where my little suit-jacket wearing experience will take me!

For the time being a few super cute suit jackets I may need to invest in for future big-girl job interviews…

via Ananya

I have a feeling that this particular jacket may not really look all that good on me…but never the less it is adorable and a nice change from the basic drab suit jacket.

via CareerFashion–a WordPress blog–check it out here :

O I love I love I LOVE this!

via career fashion blog

Of course I had to toss a little bit of yellow in there! And of course I love this too!

also via career fashion blog

I love the nautical feel of this with its gold buttons and navy blue lines on crisp white…

Happy suit wearing!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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