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Bridal Shower…take one!

April 20, 2010

Spring time is the perfect time for bridal showers..and lucky for me there is about a bazzzzzilion going on right now! I promised that I would share the details of Ashley’s first here they are!

I forgot to take a picture of Ashley’s little bird salt and pepper shakers I found for her…but they are adorable…whmiscal white porcelain little figures! So, here is a picture I found on “Windlost” a cute little blog off of blogspot!

Now, for pictures of the shower:

The bride-to-be and her yummy cake!

A close up of the cake. We went around and around trying to decide if a sheet cake would be prettier than a tier-cake. My vote was tier-cake because it’s something different. But here is the result! It was a strawberry swirl with white chocolate icing–yummy!

We only played two simple and short games…I always feel like games don’t always hold everybody’s attention well, so we did a “how well do you know the bride?” game with just 5 questions about Ashley. The next game was a memory game basically. We attached items to an apron and then had Ashley come out for a minute then walk away and everybody had to remember as many things as they could on the apron. This game was the funniest since the apron weighed a TON.

And I quote, “I LOVE STUFF”.

The bow bouquet after all the presents had been opened.

Shower favors 🙂

There were black hills spruce trees and little pots of pansies all wrapped up in burlap as favors for the party.

More bridal bliss to come soon as we’re planning the bachelorette party right now! WOO–HOOOO!!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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