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Earthie Earth Day!

April 16, 2010

Todayyyy is Earth Day 🙂 ha ha so happy day of celebrating all things earthy! (okkkayyy, so when I wrote this I originally thought it was Earth Day because I read another blog all about it and got excited…so instead happy Earth Day week!)

Eh, okay so maybe this isn’t so Earth-friendly…considering this table is made from pieces of wood from a tree that has obviously been cut down. But, I threw it in here because one, it’s really neat, and two if you have a fallen tree from a storm you could easily do this. Just find a friend that is handy with a chain saw! (via Apartment Therapy)

I wonder how much this gorgeous home would cost me??? (via

Sustainable building! That’s Earth friendly! Bamboo floors are the way to go, not only are they very durable but bamboo also can replace itself every three years! (via

Again here I go with chopping down the trees for all things rustic and pretty…I still stand by my fallen tree theory… (via the slightly obsessive bride at blogspot)

Anyways, how beautiful is this for a wedding? The dark wood is a brilliant contrast to the all white decor!

I obviously need to work on my love for Mr. Earth…maybe start a new hobby like walking to class instead of driving? 🙂

Happy Earth Day!
xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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