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Anthropologie Obsessed.

April 2, 2010

I’ve been waiting to blog about this!

I finally got my own visit into an Anthropologie!!! AH! I practically ran for the oversized door flinging it open like a child unwrapping Christmas presents on Christmas morning. I knew from spending so much time on their website that my college-sized wallet certainly cannot afford full-priced items, so naturally like I do at any store I headed for anything that said SALE.

The first thing I found..of course a large stack of saucers, dining, and serving plates. Ah, HEAVEN! As I scrambled to grab them up, colors, patterns, sizes, designs flashing before my eyes I looked up to see my  mom staring at me like I had lost my mind. Which, in all honesty I did have a small lapse of sanity (but I would never tell her that)…she then proceeded to remind me that I own more dishes and plates than an 85-year-old woman. This is also a true statement, gosh sometimes mom’s can be so smart (something else that I, a 22-year-old, would never tell my mother either).

Anyways, needless to say I didn’t buy a darn thing…and all week I have sat and sulked about my lack of purchasing power…or my lack of money rather.

Topeng Hanging Pot

Laelia Bedding

Backyard Rows Mug

Monogrammed Mug (I am a sucker for all things monogrammed, SO glad this style came back ha ha!)

Ah, sweet dreaming of all things homey and Anthro!

xo ❤  Crazy Agnus

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  1. November 16, 2010 9:08 pm

    i would be busy again doing some home decors this coming christmas, i’d be buying some new decors for the season ‘-*

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