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Bubble (Gum) Butt.

March 31, 2010

Today, I sat in gum. On a bench. In the middle of campus. With a thousand people around to see. Great.

I knew my butt felt a wee little too “stuck” to the seat…figures. Who puts gum on a bench anyways?!?! So, I dragged Hannah to the bathroom with a handful of ice and like the good sorority sister she is, she proceeded to um..scratch and freeze the gum off of my booty. It didn’t work–so I had to run home to change, ha ha…it’s just one of those days!

But in honor of my gum butt I have found a few gum inspired pieces of uhh…art.

This is a gum wall in California…and apparently life is beautiful!

Florent Degourc bubble gum inspired bench.

This is none other than Maid Rites in good old Greenville, Ohio 🙂 Gotta love places near my home! Anyways, for years people have stuck their gum on the outside of the restaurant…in fact everytime I have been myself I have too put my gum on the wall…I mean it’s tradition.

Stay away from all gum!

I really need to post some before && after pictures asap–I promise I will soon!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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  1. Kim permalink
    April 17, 2010 9:21 am

    That happen me last week I was with my girlfriends and they sat on a bench at the mall and I kinder leaned and sat on the edge of the garbage can. I went to move and that when I realized OMG I somehow sat down in a huge wad of pink bubblegum and all my girlfriends where laughing at me.I was stuck all day at a bussy mall and I could see everyone looking right at my butt.SO EMBARRASSING.

  2. Michelle permalink
    April 17, 2010 9:46 am

    I was with my brother and we went to a buffet to have lunch so I went bathroom and he got the table for us so I sat down.I got up to get the food and sat back down and got up again its like 20 minute later my brother tells me that I sat down gum and Im like shut up so I stuck my hands on my butt and felt a sticky goowy mess on my ass I was like OMG what am I going too do Im so stuck.I was just stuck walking around all day with chewing gum stuck on my butt.THATS JUST GREAT!!!!!!

  3. Kim GUM BUM permalink
    January 12, 2011 11:13 am

    Back in July I was waiting for a train with my brother to go to NYC and their was no seat to sit down in and my feet in my high heel sandals was starting to hurt me so I sat down on the top of a garbage can without looking again. Im a Lucky Stucky girl I went stall up and felt my bum stuck and Im like OMG OOOMMMGGG OOOOOMMMMMGGGGG THIS IS NOT GOOD Im really stuck I must have sat down in gum I said to my bro and he said that my butt has five pieces of all different light color bubblegum or chewing gum I dont know whitch one I said but one thing for shaw I know it is very goowy sticky on my bum.ITS JUST MY LUCK I have the rest of the day the walk around the city with gum stuck on my butt and my brother had to pull me then peel my bums off the seat because I was so stuck.I was sticking to everything for the first four hours of the day and now the gum is all black on my bum SO EMBARASSING black dots stuck on my butt a white pair of jeans one of my favorite ones.PS my brother looooove calling me GUM BUM Im stuck with that nic name.I guess hes got the right to call me GUM BUM I just think it sound so funny GUM BUM.

  4. Kim GUM BUM permalink
    February 2, 2011 10:00 am

    Im so much like a maginet bubblegum must pull my bum to the seat I went to church on sunday and would beleave someone left bubblegum on the only spot on the bench so lucky me sat right down on it.I go to move and I feel stuck now I know why no one was sitting in that spot.I never look be fore sitting down that why brother calls me LUCKY STUCKY Im alway got my bum in gum.

  5. February 2, 2011 10:46 pm

    Ha ha I am SO glad to hear that I am not the only bubble gum butt out there!

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