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Camping…Without a Flushie-Potty.

March 24, 2010

Finally, I leave early Saturday morning with Mr. Mister to go camping!!! ((Is it just me or has this been the longest week ever?)) I am very very very exciting for miles and miles of hiking, a little bit of geocaching :), and plenty of photo-ops! I fully believe this will be quite an experience for us, you should have seen us just trying to practice putting up the tent…ooo yes, this is going to be good!

Umm…I think I forgot to mention that the campsites in this lovely part of the world don’t technically open until March 31st, ya, it’s not March 31st yet…I know. However, they go by an honor system, you put the money in an envelope on the door of the camp office and just pick a site…oh, and one more thing, they don’t have any “luxuries” open yet. What exactly is a “luxury” when your tent camping you may ask? Plumbing, flushie-potties, porcelain thrones..whatever you want to call it, they’re not open. Solution? Pit latrines!

Ha ha, oh dear I love peeing into a big hole in the ground, don’t you? But all in all I’m very excited, as long as some wild-poo-loving-crazed animal doesn’t pop out of the poo poo hole to nibble at my booty I’ll be happy, and for the record I really do love camping and the outdoors…I promise I’m not a big wimp!

I’ll be back Monday with pictures to share! Have a great weekend!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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