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Spring Breakin*

March 19, 2010

My 2008 Spring Break–Daytona Beach…which is the only place I have managed to find myself in trouble with the cops while wearing bunny ears…(I’m having one of those, I-LOVE-COLLEGE moments)

Today officially started my spring break 2010–woo-hoo…okay, well actually it started Wednesday night at 10 pm, but better late blogging about it than never, right?

This year I am sadly not going anywhere spectacular like Daytona, Panama, Cancun or South Padre Island…I will be spending my SB10 at..WORK! OO am I excited! But actually I will be at work for most of the time, the last half of SB10 I will be going camping! I am super super super excited to camp actually, I love anything outdoors, and any chance to get away even if it’s just for a weekend is a-okay in my book! But, more on my camping adventure later…

Spring break is the perfect time for us cold-winter gals to bust out our brightest, boldest, and shortest dresses we have just been dying to wear all winter long. So to honor my lack of sunshine this year I have a collection of super-cute and easy to wear dresses for spring break right up into summer. All via Victoria’s Secret so they are super affordable too!

At $48 this tie-dyed beach dress is cute and comfy–perfect for the beach or a day shopping on the boardwalk

So maybe this one isn’t so spring-breaky, but it is perfect for summer bridal showers or rehearsal dinners…or maybe a horse park with a big floppy hat? Ha ha, I have big dreams, I know..

I have been in love with this tunic since they came out with it like 3 years ago–I love how it looks so comfortable and yet still daring and sexy with the neckline

This ruffled dress must be worn out!

Hello, Cheetah! I need this dress in my life. Please.

Whatever your SB plans are, or were, or happened, please share so I can live vicariously through you…especially if they involve tropical locations!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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