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March 13, 2010

So..I’m home on a Friday night at 12:18…AM…which means that we left the bar tonight at midnight. WOAHH PARTY PEOPLE! Ha ha, okay..well to be honest we’re all a little stressed here…so life has been a bit crazy. Next week is finals (YAY college!??) and this week poor little Gunner lost his uh..manhood (..and I must say being a responsible pet owner is costly) so super yay on that, but between work, school and my internship I don’t have a lot of time for fun stuff aka Goodwilling for old furniture.

BUT–this could be seen as a good thing, seeing as I have two pieces yet to finish and I may be having to move home for a few months..back to mom and dads while I get my butt transitioned from college to big girl job life (YIKES)…that is IF I can find a big girl job. Eh, anyways, I don’t think that they will enjoy my painting, hammering and sanding in their house, garage or barn. So good thing I haven’t yet bought any new pieces to work on!

Anyways, enough with my jibber jabber. Today I met a FABULOUS blog,, check it out! She has some really beautiful furniture re-hab projects on here…really inspires me to get my butt moving and work on a few new things.

This is all I have…my brain has been fried studying for finals 🙂

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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