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Baby Baby BABY!

March 9, 2010

Ahh…how I love other people’s children! But what I love most about other people’s children–baby furniture! I know, that sounds like I’m a child-hater…truth be told I LOVE other people’s children…and by other people I mean family, friends, sisters kids…not the little turd at the grocery store who just hit me with their mothers cart for the fifth time because their mother refuses to pay attention to them.

Ah- I digress..

 I just love the use of bright colors and fun bold patterns paired with whimsical figures and cuddly things, and what better chance to use this other than baby furniture!?

So, exciting news! One of my sisters is having a baaaaabbbbbaaay! YAY! I’m pretty much so excited that I want to start shopping now, but I’m going to stop myself until she finds out the sex of the baby in a few months.

But–this doesn’t mean that I still can’t get all googley-eyed over a few fineee pieces of kiddy decor, right?


For your wild child? ha ha ha


How girly! I love the bird (of course).


I am OBSESSED. The woman who creates these does a fabulous job–on each chair is a piece from the Sugar Plum story–all hand painted. SO SO SO cute!

via blog: the celebration owl

Of course, I had to throw in some owls–these are so cute even I want one on my bed–AND they’re DIY! Ah!


Okay- not quite baby–but toddler and so so so precious! Very chic too and it looks like a little girl named Ava would live here!


For a little boy I love this! Little deer everywhere and green all nauture-y!

MMMM…I love love love children’s furniture!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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