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March 1, 2010

I’ve always wanted to go to Mardi Gras…uhh not to flash everybody for beads necessarily…but for the culture and music and food and fun and partly because New Orleans fascinates me.

Everything from New Orlean’s architecture, culture, food, history, their recovery after Hurricane Katrina…I digress…




But…as usual being a poor college student hinders this a bit…but lucky for me, we have a big ole’ shin dig known as Mardi Party in my lovely little world. A fraternity here, Phi Sigma Phi, puts this event on every year in February and it’s always a blast! All the money they collect at the door and from bead sales goes towards a philanthropy of their choice.

Not to brag or anything 🙂 But my sisters are pretty fabulous and they really do well at Mardi Party, collecting beads (classily of course), getting money for our own philanthropy (Prevent Child Abuse of America), and in chants (ok, so we’re just loud). This year we won two of the four chants and collected 102 lbs in beads! YAY! The money has yet to be counted, and whatever chapter has the most money in their bucket wins that money as well as the money that each of the other chapters collected, of which then goes towards their philanthropy. 

Happy Mardi Gras…not in New Orleans!

Fabulous Kay Dee Ladies ❤ AOT

❤ xo Crazy Agnus

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  1. chadrock permalink
    March 2, 2010 10:13 am

    Hoping that Kappa Delta did an awesome job overall @ Phi Sigma Phi’s Mardi Party: congrats for winning 2 of the 4 chants & getting over 100 pounds of beads…awesome!!

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