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Another Fine Idea via Southern Living.

February 17, 2010

I seriously cannot get enough of Southern Living…I’m starting to wonder if I am a 45 year old woman stuck in a 22 year old body? It makes me laugh because I vividly remember seeing Southern Living magazines at my grandmother’s, aunts and even my older cousins’ home…but I guess I’m now understanding why they were consistent subscribers!

I love this’s cheap, and since I have been collecting corks for some time now (you would be amazed at how quickly college women go through a bottle of wine!) I would love to do this!

This is from a cute little bungalow/man house (new term I learned last night thank you very much!) in Chattanooga Tennessee. I’m a sucker for it because one, it has a huge front porch, and two it’s in Tennessee and three it has amazing bones–aka fabulous hard wood floors, high ceilings, pillars inside the house…all this among many many other things.

But–I digress,back to the corks. The home owner simply saved up corks, all the same size of course, and he replaced each kitchen knob with a cork that is held in place by a screw from the inside of the cabinet. Just like you would screw in a normal kitchen knob. How easy is that…okay so it’s probably not all that easy since cork can be a little fickle and split or crack, but whatever, I love it and it’s a unique idea!

Off to bed for me, I want to paint in the morning as I didn’t get the chance to today!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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