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A Day in the Life of Teal.

February 16, 2010

Yes, so yesterday was a bit of a teal overload I must say.

But first, the beginning of our very own frame wall (I’m far too excited about this..)

There’s only so much you can do to an apartment that you will only be living in for two we try to not spend money on wasteful items, keeping in mind we are in college…

But when we leave we can take these frames with us of course, and they can be used other places. I plan to add more to it and fill up the entire wall with black frames, mirrors and B&W photos.

Now, for my beloved trunk. I now official hate this trunk and will never paint another trunk ever again! With so many nooks and crannies painting this is a task that I have no desire to ever do again!

This poor little guy is so beat up in some spots that it is impossible to fix, holes, dents and chips…in a way this makes it all that much better, but if you want something with clean lines and perfect form this is not for you. I don’t really have the room for it in my bedroom right now,  but I need something to hold my gym clothes, since my closet is beyond full. So, for the time being it will live in my closet stuffed full of clothes.

The teal looks bluer than it really is in these pictures…but it is still a tad darker than I had originally wanted.

Now for the night stand, I’m not done with it yet…

This may be the only time I have ever been thankful for our hideous tile floors, it lets me paint inside (when the dogs are running around like maniacs!) and not worry about it since it wipes up easily. I will be papering the top of the stand in a pretty wallpaper of sorts probably a black or yellow and maybe even the drawer fronts too. I will post updates when I decide a paper.

I’m going to a Japanese steak house tonight…ha ha this is going to be quite an adventure for my picky self!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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