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Define: Man Cave?

February 11, 2010

My last post really got me thinking about “manly” home decor. After recalling a very interesting conversation with a fabulous man about “man caves” complete with gun racks, deer heads and various hockey and beer posters as wall decor I began to wonder why do men feel the need to have an almighty “man cave”? Is it because as women we feel the need to take over the entire home and decorate it as we please? I don’t ever recall my mother doing such a thing, I’m fairly positive that my dad partook in decor. So much so that he tore down walls and built my mom a monster closet, and when they chose to build a new home farther out, he even drew up a few designs that he would like in a home. So, maybe I grew up in fantasy la la land or something?

I feel like my mind is in overdrive some is certainly one of those and as I’m waiting for Noel to get here I felt I will just share my thoughts on the man cave. So, keeping this in mind, I have googled some ideas for manly bathrooms and I know just the man to convince! 🙂

I’m thinking gray, brown and white…

via country and

Nix the flowers of course and sea shells…add a crisp white waffle shower curtain, white baseboards and white door, a dark brown rug and accents…yes yes very manly and nice?!

I’m going to try to convince my Mr. Man-Cave wanting love…maybe he will fund it too??? I’ll keep you posted!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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