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Colorful Peacock.

February 11, 2010

For all you color and wild print lovers out there, if you have not yet discovered Peacock Feathers please click here now: (Let me warn you, you won’t want to leave!)

I follow this blog on a regular basis, and I wish I could figure out how to add it to my blogroll since it isn’t a wordpress blog (help me!?!), but o, I am SO ADDICTED.

Fabulous home with fabulous decor! Everything that the author posts is simply fabulously bold prints, colors…everything. I wish I had the skills, time , funds or talent to create a home this fabulous! But, my biggest question is, how does she ever get her fiance to agree to this???

 I can barely get my roomates, (Kelly, which is fairly traditional with a flair for what I’d consider victorian-classic-girly-fancy-schmansy design!**Please let me state that Kelly will probably disagree with me on what I’d consider her style 🙂 or Michaela, who’s newest love is gray but always is a sucker for browns, reds, black and all things outdoorsey-homey feeling) let alone any hunka-hunka I’ve ever dated to agree to this colorful and vintage style!

Either way, a girl can dream, right? Maybe one day I can have at least one room in my home to design just as I please!

*A few of my favorite Peacock Feather photos: all via

So, as it is back to another day of work and class…no more snow days in my future anytime soon, I’m going to sit and drool over these photos and probably cry a little too since I don’t live in a place this fabulous.

And later tonight, some quality Valentine’s Day shopping with my Miss Noel for our hunka-hunka-burnin love valentines!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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