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Hello snow day #2!

February 10, 2010

CHA-CHINGGGG! Two snow days in a row, yes it is possible in college! So, you know what that means, sledding sledding and more sledding! I took some pictures while out, this one is my favorite…

All this snow has allowed me to catch up on alot of painting too…I will post some updates later!

Being an urban affairs major I have really grown to love old homes. I mean, I have always loved houses, but when I stumbled upon a really cute blog that mentioned I fell into a house coma. Living near a city that was listed pretty high up in Forbe’s top 10 dying cities that just so happens to have a vacancy rate of 20%, I am no stranger to abandoned homes.

Most of these homes were built during the industrial revolution when industry was booming. Which makes most of these homes gorgeous, huge and truly classics. It is so sad to see these homes that once stood tall, slowly crumbling and condemned, their windows boarded up. Take a moment to check out this site, all the photos are of homes in Detroit, and you can even purchase them for a very reasonable rate, $35 a pop and $10 of each sale goes towards a charity that is working in inner city Detroit.

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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