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February 9, 2010

Today we got a snow day! Of course it was AFTER all of my classes were over and was before I was schedule to go to work. So…I am now short on hours at work and had to go to class…oooo the excitement of college. Anyways this pretty much descibes how I feel right now…snowed in, yes!!!

I love these commericals..   thank you Travelocity for your adorable commericals!

Also… The Time Travelers Wife came out on dvd todayyyy! YES! Finally…after we talk Kelly into watching it and not being such a scrooge we can finally see it. I have been waiting until like October to see this and I fully recommend the book before you watch the movie.

Until I can post updates, I have very few actually, but in the meantime enjoy this beautiful home. This is the only the front, and you can find the rest of it at under the house plans…and I apologize for my house kick lately…I can’t stop!

I think I would even paint the front porch a black. I know that sounds extreme, and it is something that I have never seen but I have a feeling I would LOVE it!

❤ xo Crazy Agnus

p.s. stay warm in all this snow! We have 1-3 extra inches on the way!

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