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Birthdays are so not what they’re cracked up to be…

February 4, 2010

Hi! So, yesterday was my birthday…big TwenTy Two..ha ha boring twenty-two is more like it….but…bull riding and line dancing fun is in store for Saturday, that is if the weather cooperates!

I have a love for cake shows, you know Cake Boss, Amazing Wedding Cakes…all that fun stuff. My ultimate cake would be created of red velvet, absolute FAVORITE! But no on the cream cheese just makes it too rich, I would rather have the fluffy light white icing. Anyways, in searching the web today I found alot of really cute cakes that are so much fun!

Last year, for my twenty-first, my little made me a super cute martini cake…and it was yummy too!!!

via Katey! ❤ AOT

I love how simple this one is, but it still has just enough flair to be fun!


And keeping up with the owl trend I think this is just wayyyyy too cute!


And lastly, I love the cheetah print!! So cute, although I would have to get rid of that crazy looking frog woman on top and maybe the bow too and just add a few simple embellishments or even give each layer a different print!

via Sweet Simplicity on  super cute blog I just stumbled upon!!!


xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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