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“No one should go broke for going through college…”

January 28, 2010

Humm…good words Mr. President (OKAY I PROMISE THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL POST, so please, be my guest and continue to read :)), I fully agree with you. After watching the State of the Union Address last night I got to thinking how “broke” I actually am from being in college? I’m pretty lucky that I don’t have thousands of dollars in student loans…yet…but college is expensive! Tuition, books, food, bar tabs (obviously!), the need for coffee when pulling all nighters…ya, you can’t do college cheaply. Unless you’re a genius and get some crazy amount of scholarships (ya, not me…) so, I got to thinking, all of this makes me sad. Where is the budget for apartment decor? HELLO! We cannot spend four years living in a sh*t hole!

So, with this in mind, and having no furniture updates to chat about, I have complied a group of inexpensive, chic and cute ways to decorate in college…

First up…shoes as decor!

 If you are anything like me..and have a shoe addiction..and spend a large amount on money on your shoes than you can appreciate this! I have two of these shelves in my room…this big one and a smaller one that holds shoes and lotions and stuff. Most of my shoes are very different from each other so it adds a bit of color and fun, at least in my opinion, AND it keeps then nice and neat! No more mismatches, scuff marks or bent up heels!

Next up…

Indoor plants! Not only are they pretty but they are economically friendly, they are also known to take out toxins of the air! I have a palm in my room, its dying, sadly…It has some strange powdery disease in the stalks, but I loved him while he lasted! And I will replace him asap when he finally goes to palm tree heaven. I like to add colorful Christmas ornaments to them as well, even when it’s not Christmas time, fun ornaments like martini glasses or pretty birds are fun!

How about some paint…

This is a picture of one of my walls in my bedroom. I didn’t want to paint the entire room  because when I move out in a few years I’m just going to have to paint over it, and I hate wasting money like that! So, this paint is actually left over from a baby gift I did for one of my sisters, Emily, for her adorable little girl…

I really have a thing for color…so, I share a bathroom with one of my fabulous roommates Kelly, and we were lucky enough to have a super chic shower curtain that our other roommate Michaela no longer needed. It is pretty simple, and from Target, you can never go wrong with them! It is the Tulip Shower Curtain in black, you can find it here..

…(pssst..its on clearance now!)

So to add a bit of color and fun we added these pictures!

They are actually from a calendar I found in the dollar bin, I just cut out my favorites, picked out some frames at Wal-Mart and viola! O..and that super sweet fake orchid? Ha ha gag gift because I cannot keep them alive for the life of me! You would think that having a mother who worked for a florist for years would make me talented in the plant world…

And last, but certainly not least…stock up on GOODWILL! I think everybody should know how nice Goodwill actually can be! I’m a weekly shopper and quite proud of it! I can look around my room and count at least twenty things all from goodwill and under $10, everything from a lamp, a large genie bottle my Mom snagged from a consignment shop, multiple vases, a black and cream foot rest originally from Pier 1…many many things!

So, thank you Mr. President for giving me a bit of inspiration today! Happy Thursday, it’s Friday eve people! YAYYYY!

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

p.s. watch this…you will fall in love, but beware no man is really THIS good…

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