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Home is where the <3 is…

January 27, 2010

If I haven’t yet mentioned how much I love houses, I think now is the time…

Hi, my name is Lee, and I have an addiction to houses. I need one in my life, of my own, that I am free to decorate, paint and sculpt just the way I like!
With this in mind, I have spent what feels like forever looking up green & economically friendly homes, for the most part a lot of what I see I don’t like. I’m not a very modern person, so the box design like homes are so not me…and I have a long  list of things that a home MUST have, such as;

a wrap around porch, two stories, at least two bedrooms and at least 2 and a half baths, hardwood floors (bamboo = <3), celestial windows, a lot of light, rural setting…I don’t do suburbs or cities…of course green in some way would be great, big open living room or great room design…see I could just go on forever. But I have one word for this all : EXPENSIVE!

But, forgetting about money (and the fact that I have no need for a home or the means to pay for one since I live the poor college apartment life), I have found my DREAM HOME and it’s economically friendly!

Drum roll please……!11%3bextfeatid.10%3bflrs.2%3bhtypeid.19%2c14/page/8/planid/10366/planname/hfl1360sn?pvs=tot.41

(ya, I can’t get the picture to work…)

This is all..just needed to share the home that I will probably never have…but hey, a girl can dream, right?

xo ❤ Crazy Agnus

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