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Goodwill is the best creation that God ever made!

January 22, 2010

Goodwill run last night! And I scored some funnnn things I cannot wait to get started on (after I stain the beach chair…)!

First up…

Okay, now I know it’s a tad bit granny-ish, and I say this because my Nana has one thats pink and bigger….but I like it! It needs a nice bath…badly! It looks like a yellowish brown color..and yellow is by far my favorite color, but I really can’t get off my teal kick…so I may look into painting it and if that is even possible…


I’ve got a sticker lover here…they seem easy enough to take off with warm water though…and it is very sturdy, a heavy wood…and has been painted maybe ten times…all super ugly colors. Thats just another reason to use the electric sander though!

And now for the top reason to never give your child stickers…

Seriously people, don’t give your kid stickers…this is what happens…

So after I de-sticker-fy this guy I think I want to paint it with a neat pattern…something bright, a bit whimsical and something a bit more fun! It also needs some new locks on it.

All in total I paid $13.49 for everything and this includes an adorable vintage looking clutch in silver! I LOVE Goodwill…but I promise to stay away ok ok….try to stay away from it until I get these things finished…no buying anymore!

xo ❤ Crazy A.

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