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Paula Deen does furniture?!

January 21, 2010

Now maybe it’s because I grew up eating gravy that had a large and pretty unhealthy tablespoon helping of fatback tossed into it…but I love me some Paula Deen!


So you can only imagine my surprise and excitement when walking into Elder-Beermans the other day I saw her furniture line!?!? Is this new??? Because I have never heard of it before!!! 

How stinkin’ excitin yall!…yes I can hear her voice in my head saying this…I’m obsessed…it’s quite sad really.

According to she got together with Universal Furniture and created a line that encompasses alot of antiquey coastal and Savanna -like style…hello right up my alley!!! I’m by no means a lover of the county bumpkin style…but I do have a love (and one day will have a room just like this!) of one pattered couch or chair accompanied by solid color additional couches/chairs on hardwood floors with large celestory windows and rich/brightly colored walls and dark cherry or another rich wooded tables and such…ooo to own this one day…and this is only one room!

Anyways, her collection is very nice, I don’t LOVE everything…but I do enjoy the design on the table legs especially!

Check it out for yourself :

And while your at it check out, get a little bit of meat on your bones! One large healthy helpin’ of butter won’t kill yall!

xo ❤ Crazy A.

p.s. Happy Thursday, it’s almost the weekend!

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