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Happy Thursday!

January 14, 2010

I LOVE the smell of books at the library, I just felt the need to share that, as today I found myself in WSU’s library,(sitting on the floor actually…thank God nobody saw me), searching for a book and it hit me how much I love the smell…so anyways minor weird-o moment for me 🙂

It is a whopping 30 degrees today! AND SUNNY! It’s so warm I didn’t even wear a jacket today! Sad, I know, that I am calling 30 degrees warm…but after a few weeks of blowing snow and below zerooo temps this feels fabulous!

In honor of the warm(ish) weather, I have been searching for summery sandwiches and salads. I’ve become a bit of a salad feen, and being a person who has never been a huge fan of red meat, I LOVE veggie subs! So, I found this sandwich recipe I cannot wait to try, I think I would substitute the feta cheese for swiss though! Here is it if you’ve been bitten by the summer bug as well!

And…to introduce my little love bug Gunner…

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