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Work(s) in progress…

January 13, 2010

As I promised, I have finally gotten the chance to upload pictures!!! Class, work, wedding planning and house remodeling have kept both Ashley and I busyyyy busyyyy busyyy…to see her blog about owning her first home check out the blogroll…it’s posted on there!

So…in total we have three things in work…I guess it really doesn’t seem like alot…but we are getting there bit by bit! Our first piece, which is wayyyy down there in one of our first blogs, is still one of my favorites…Ashley is working on it now. It will likely be a really pretty white with a bit of a silver tint…something very popular right now!

The second piece we bought is a little different…I have talked about it before in earliler posts, it is complete for the most part, I’m just finishing up the poly on it and it will be ready to go. It reminds me of an old barn wood…it’s not really my style, a bit too country for me…but hopefully somebody will like it and snatch it up!! If not one of my roomates likes it and I’ll just send it her way!

Here is a front view:


And a top view (without the glass that I have to put back in place)…

Top (no glass)

And now…for the beach chair I was talking about it last night’s post…


And a side view (I’m obsessed with this chair..)


I haven’t yet started on this ” big guy”, as I like to call him because he looks like he’s made for a large behind or two! I love it, in fact I may keep it, I need to talk myself out of this idea I know, I know!

Anyways, I can’t decide on a look…so I’m going to get to business sanding it this weekend and I’ll make a decision from there…unless somebody has an idea! I’d love a new one!!!

Lastly, I just think this is kinda cute and simple so I will throw it in here! I have these tables, of course I have already mentioned them in a post before…but they needed a little bit of sprucing up? I’m keeping them so I thought I’d just play around. One of my roomates just got engaged (YAY!!! It’s definately engagement season!) and one of her wedding colors is a charcol gray…I have absolutly fallin in LOVE with gray. I keep seeing it on walls and chic! So here is the table..just an after picture. I still need to get the little crystal looking knobs for the sides to lighten up the black of the legs…

This is all I have!

❤ xo Crazy Agnus


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