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Sleeplessly dreaming of the beach…

January 12, 2010

If you haven’t yet caught on…I am tired of winter and snow already…

And, I can’t seem to sleep tonight either maybe from all the beachy wishings…so, fueled by hours of listening to 311 and the 50 First Dates Soundtrack, (Adam Sandler= so funny that it’s sexy!) I have been looking up interesting ways to paint the big beach chair I salvaged for a whopping five bucks at Goodwill the other day. (((I SO PROMISE I WILL POST PICS TOMORROW AT WORK!!!!)))

I can’t decide If I am going to keep this big guy or not…he’s perfect, and if it was up to me I would paint him a brillant teal color and sew up some yellow and white cushions and sit in him all day drinking margaritas surrounded by my palm trees that I try to make live year round in my room 🙂 I’m imagining something Key West-ish..which just so happens to be my all-time favorite place…in America that is…

But, I feel this is not something that everybody would love…so I’m posting some ideas…feedback would be fabulous if your feeling the sea, sand and sun too!

xo ❤  Crazy Agnus


I love the simpllicity and elegance of this white chair…this comes from a photo website, (fabulous!), so of course I want to jump right in!

I don’t LOVE the stain color…but that can be darkened or lightened…I feel this belongs more in a forest…not really by a big body of water…so what I am saying is this is perfect for fabulous OH-IO…


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