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*sigh…no snow day…

January 8, 2010

Yes, well we didn’t have a snow day…yesterday OR today…even though the Air Force base right next to us closed early and opened late today…Ohio= madness for sure! And to make matters worse..I am at work until 2 today and my phone’s battery is dead…boo that!

Butttt…all is well in furniture world! I keep wanting to keep the pieces I am buying though…thats the hard part! Ashley is off today so she’s starting on the first piece we bought yay!!! Excited to see how it turns out since it’s so neat! I just have to poly the small table with the glass top and it will be good to go!

I’ve had PLENTY of Goodwill adventures this week…and believe me, I will probably be visiting again today. I have decided though that I need a much larger car for all of this…seeing as I bought an AMAZING wooden outdoor chair the other day and had to drive home (in snowy ten degree weather) with the window down on my car so the chair would fit…my poor little Cavalier is so not made for this!

I know I have really been slacking on the picture uploading…I promise I will take some this weekend of new and old things and get them posted asap! In the meantime I feel like getting some new ideas in!

Hope everybody’s staying warm in this wonderful winter wonderland!

❤ xo Crazy Agnus


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