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We’re PRAYiNG for a snow day :)

January 6, 2010

I firmly believe that Ohio weather should not be this cold…but the weatherman is calling for lots of snow tomorrow…

Maybe a snow day stuck indoors painting furniture and Goodwilling is in our future??? Let’s hope so!

Anywhom…I’ve been blog creeping all day…and my mind is so full of ideas that I am now writing things down just to remember them all! People come up with the best ideas, things that I know I NEVER would have thought of!

I had a fairly non-productive Goodwill trip last night, (and to top it off I couldn’t find the crackle paint I was looking for…but more on that later!), however I did make a few Goodwill friends as I like to call them. One old man chatted with me for about half an hour about his motorhome and matresses? Not sure, but he did have some really interesting news to share with me…

Apparently there is a company somewhere near me that is going to MY (ha ha) Goodwill and buying up all the furniture…which they have a good stock of, and flipping it to re-sell. They must do well he said because they are in good with the manager who saves them nice pieces when they come in…so my new mission is to find this manager!

I did work on the piece I posted a few days ago, it is a solid gray color now and this is where my crackle paint came in…I wanted a white crackle look. After my failed attempts at finding this paint (at a decent price!) I gave up and did some googling..I ended up finding a practice where you can brush the paint on the wood and then paint a color over it when it is still tacky. As the paint dries it will seperate from the glue in chunks and pieces…the trick is the heaver the layer of glue the bigger the cracks.

It will need a bit of sanding for a distressed look and then a poly cover and it will be good to go! I’m excited to see if we can sell it, then it’s on to other pieces and ideas! We still need to set up our Etsy account as well…

Slowly this is all coming together, now if we could only find somebody to buy us a shop to sell out of!

**Praying for SNOW!

❤ xo Crazy Agnus


Link for glue crackle paint!

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